This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs but aims to accurately describe the facilities and

services that we offer all our guests/visitors.



Access Statement For Orchard B&B




Orchard B&B is located in the Kent village of Cliffe Woods near Rochester and offers five en suite guest rooms; four double and one twin.


The house is over thirty years old and has been recently refurbished. Whilst we aim to meet the needs of all our guests there are some features of the house that may make access difficult for people with limited mobility.


We are located within a 10 minute drive not only of Rochester town centre, it’s castle whose construction started in 1087 and possesses the largest Norman keep in England as well as the country’s second oldest Cathedral but also The Historic Dockyard Chatham recording 400 years of Royal Naval history with 47 scheduled ancient monuments on the 80 acre site.


We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone +44(0)1634 222780 or email




We are located in View Road 70 yards from the B2000.


Directions and a map are available on the contact page of our

website. Alternatively please contact us for journey advice.


The nearest shops are a 5 minute walk away.


The nearest  bus stop is 4 metres from the entrance along level paths. There is no shelter or seating. Buses (No 133) run generally hourly with a limited Sunday service. The bus service generally stops early evening


Higham railway station is 6 minutes away by car and HS1 high speed link to St Pancras International London via Gravesend

is available.


Taxis are not available from Higham but are from Gravesend,

Strood or Rochester railway stations.


Gatwick and Stansted Airports are both 50 minutes by car.


We regret that we are unable to accommodate guests’ pets but do welcome assistance dogs.


Arrival & Car Parking Facilities


Orchard Cottage guarantees free off road parking for one car per room within a double gated horseshoe drive. A dropped kerb is available at both entrance/exit, the nearest being 30 metres (98.5ft) from the accommodation entrance. The nearest parking space is approximately 9 metres (29.5ft) from the B&B entrance with the furthest space being 24 metres (79ft) away.


Assistance with luggage is always offered to guests and the

accommodation entrance is accessed along a flat paved path which is lit at night.


Entry step is 280mm (11ins) at the front door that is 740mm (29ins) wide.

This gives access to the downstairs hall way which has the downstairs bedroom leading off to the right. An additional wc to the left. Stairs straight ahead leading to the other 4 guest rooms and

kitchen diner 2nd left. A small storage closet is located under the stairs for use of the owners but can accommodate guest storage

on request if space is available.


 Welcome Area


Guests are welcomed into the downstairs hallway ushered through a 680mm (26.5ins) wide door into the guest kitchen diner that is level throughout and where upright seats and a table are available to complete a guest register.


The area is well lit with overhead and work top lighting.


The guest kitchen diner is connected to the guest conservatory

by a door double glazed 700mm (27.5ins) wide door with a 130mm

(5ins) high step as an option should guests prefer to register in an even lighter and more airy space during the day. Limited lighting in this area is available after dark.




Our 5 en suite rooms are located on three floors. 1 double is located on the ground floor. 1 double and 1 twin are located on the 1st floor and 2 doubles are located on the 2nd floor.


All carpets throughout are fitted short pile.

Lighting in all bedrooms either at ceiling or bedside level.


Our beds are normally made up with duvets and sheets but blankets can be provided if preferred. Our standard pillows do not include feathers.

Ground Floor Bedroom: A super king size bed 640mm high (25ins)

Can be split into two single beds and an additional single bed 740mm high (29ins) is available if a family room is required.  

The entrance door is 710mm wide (28ins)


1st Floor Front Bedroom: A standard double bed 640mm high (25ins) with entry door 710mm wide (28ins).


1st Floor Back Bedroom: Two standard twin beds 640mm high (25ins). The entrance door is 670mm (26.5ins).


2nd Floor Front Bedroom: A standard double bed 640mm high

(25ins) with an entry door 640mm wide (25ins).


2nd Floor Front Bedroom: A standard double bed 640mm high

(25ins) with an entry door 650mm wide (25.5ins).


Bathroom, Shower-room & WC’s


All rooms have en suites with fixed and detachable shower heads.

All floors have a tiled finish.




Ground floor room en suite:

En suite flat entry door width is 740mm  (29ins).

Toilet height is 400mm (16ins).

Flat shower entry width is 690mm (27ins)

Basin height is 810mm (32ins)


First floor front room en suite

En suite entry door width is 590mm (23ins): Entry step 25mm (1in)

Toilet height is 400mm (16ins)

Shower entry width is 600mm (24ins): Entry step 20mm (.75ins)

Basin height is 860mm (34ins)


First floor back room en suite

En suite flat entrance door width is 590mm (23ins)

Toilet height is 410mm (16ins)

Bath height is 590mm (23ins). Slip mat provided.

Basin height is 820mm (32ins).


Second floor front en suite

En suite entry door width is 590mm (23ins): Entry step 30mm (1in) 

Flat shower entry width is 740mm (29ins)

Toilet height is 360mm (14ins)

Basin height is 970mm (38ins)


Second floor back en suite

En suite entry door width is 790mm (31ins):

Entry step 40mm (1.75ins)

Flat shower entry width is 560mm (22ins)

Toilet height is 435mm (17ins)

Basin height is 870mm (34ins)


Public Areas – General Internal


The entrance hallway, stairs and landings are carpeted short pile

and are well lit using ceiling and wall lighting.


The ground floor bedroom is accessed to the right of the main entrance at level floor.


The 1st floor double and twin rooms are accessed by means of

stairs with thirteen 190mm (7.75ins) steps


The 2nd floor double rooms are accessed by means of a further

thirteen stairs 200mm (8ins).


There is a handrail on one side.

The house is fully central heated throughout but temperatures can be adjusted in each room to suit individual requirements.


There are automatic audible smoke alarms in the hallway, landings, bedrooms and kitchen diner.


The guest kitchen/diner has wooden flooring and the guest

conservatory has a tiled floor. 


Public Areas – WC


Orchard B&B has an additional ground floor wc for guests and visitors immediately to the left of the main entry door.

The entry door is 700mm (27.5ins) wide and the toilet is

 380mm (15ins) high.


Public Areas - Kitchen Diner


Breakfast is served both in the guest kitchen/diner and the

guest conservatory.


Cooked breakfasts are prepared in the main house kitchen

away from guests for their comfort and convenience.


Cereals, fruit, orange juice, tea, coffee and a toaster are left available for guests on the work top area and assistance can

and will be provided.


A Square table has under space of 650mm high (25.5ins)

with legs on each corner to accommodate two guests.


Natural light is supplemented by ceiling and work top lighting.


The work top height is 920mm (36ins) high and the overhead cupboard handle height is 1500mm (60ins).

A fridge, cupboard space and utilities are under the

work top. A microwave is made available to guests who are

not permitted to use the cooker except for baby bottle



Public Areas : Guest Conservatory


An additional breakfast seating is available in the guest conservatory for up to eight guests on two tables with a under space of 660mm (26ins) with legs on each corner.


Window and floor blinds are available in hot weather and two to three heaters are available in cold weather.

There are two entry/exit points within the conservatory in addition to the kitchen diner access with one double glazed double door a width of 1420mm (56ins) for use of the owners only (except in an emergency) when serving breakfast and one single double glazed door directly opposite specifically for guest use with a width of 760mm (30ins) to access the garden relaxation area.


Public Areas : Garden

The garden area is accessed either via the main entry door or the guest door in the conservatory. A 15.8metre (52ft) gravel path leads to two steps, 1st step is 70mm (3ins) and 2nd step is 170mm (7ins) in height gaining entry to an area of soft and hard seating where guests can read, relax or use as a smoking area as smoking in Orchard B&B is not permitted in the property.

An ashtray can be provided on request.


Additional Information


All dietary requests can be provided at time of booking or written on the guest register on arrival.


The fire exit points are clearly identified. Safety lighting is installed

In the hallway and 1st floor landing. A fire alarm system is wired

throughout the building and maintained via a central control box

in the owners house. All bedrooms and kitchen diner are fitted with

fire safety doors. Fire hydrants with instructions are available in

the public areas and kitchen diner where a fire blanket is also




There is an information folder in each bedroom including advice on

the doctor’s surgery and other local amenities.


We have storage/drying facilities for cyclists and walkers equipment.


Free Wi Fi is available on request.


We can refrigerate prescription medication and additionally store any perishable food in our fridge for a limited period.


Moblie phone reception is generally good.


Ironing facilities are available on request.


Contact Information



Orchard B&B

11 View Road

Cliffe Woods





Telephone : +44(0)1634 222780




The owners of Orchard B&B try to provide a pleasing and memorable stay for our guests. Guests have been very charitable with their comments that can be read on our website and visitor’s book. We are always looking to improve and would welcome your comments either by letter, phone or email.


Created on: 1st January 2012